Decisions, decisions, decisions.. I probably already wrote about this in one of my posts, and told you this one of my my biggest problems. To make a decision.
For no reason I normally stress myself over small facts, that are not influencing my life at all.

Sometimes I find myself in a similar situation when it comes to fashion. But this one at least I find a bit more fun. Like which shoes to wear with the outfit, which bag would be better…
And to make it a bit more fun, I recently discovered this new app called Ypinion, where you can upload both versions, while your followers and  your friends help you decide with their votes. What looks better 🙂 I found it very fun and useful in many ways.


So if you like to play fashion games, or even just share different quotes and share your opinion, download the app, I highly recommend.
You can get it in Apple store, just search for Ypinion.
Or get it here: http://ypinion.com/?m=get&c=diphone6_1

Useful and fun 🙂

Sending all my love from NYC,

Maja xxx


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