What is your skin type!?

Knowing what is your skin type like is one of the essential things when looking at the cleansing and nourishing it. I is important to know what type of skin to use, what kind of make up to buy..!? In general what products give your skin a gorgeous glow depends on whether your skin is dry, oily or in-between. But for all skin types, there’s a single bottom line. Once you get a skin product that works for you, just keep using it — there’s no reason to change. And whatever your skin type, keep using a daily sunscreen — whether it’s a moisturizing variety for your dry skin or an oil-free one if grease is your foe.

Dry Skin

  • What It’s Like: Dry skin cracks easily, making you more prone to infection and premature wrinkling.
  • Treating It Right: Don’t let it get dehydrated — avoid alcohol-heavy skin products, and use a moisturizer. Make it an oil-free brand if you’re worried that overkill will make your skin greasy.

Normal Skin

  • What It’s Like: The label speaks for itself: the skin isn’t dry or greasy but in-between.
  • Treating It Right: Do what feels right. Treat it “normally” — use whatever non-soap cleanser and other products that feel right and don’t disturb the healthy balance. Moisturizing is a maybe step — feel free if your skin feels dry.

Oily Skin

  • What It’s Like: Oily skin is the curse of a pimple-plagued teen, but this greasy, sometimes shiny skin type can become a blessing as you age because it keeps you younger-looking than your dry-skinned contemporaries.
  • Treating It Right: Wash it more than once a day — as many times as you feel the need. Skin care products with alcohol will make the skin less oily.

Combination Skin

  • What It’s Like: Some areas are oily — often the forehead, nose and chin — while others, such as your cheeks, are normal to dry.
  • Treating It Right: Wash the oily areas, the so-called T-zone, at least twice a day with a non-drying cleanser.

Hope my article helped you analyze yourself and your skin a bit better. At the end it is one of the essential things to know what to buy in a drogerie. Skin is one of the first things that people notice, so take care of it the right way.

Love, MM xx


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