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The other day I realized that I actually never wrote about jewelry. Can not believe how is that even possible and how did I let this happen! ūüôā

With so many amazing jewelry brands out there. From most luxurious to very cool, unique street style jewelry.

Let me start my first jewelry post writing about more affordable ones.

There are 3 brands that recently caught my attention. With their unique design and the ability to wear them in many different ways they became my favorites out there. Each of them offers many pieces from the collection, that you can mix and match between each other.

The first one to mention would be MIRA SADI JEWELS which one I recently discovered in London. Her whole jewelry line is gold pleated, and meant for the people that are simple, yet extravagant. One who loves life. MSJ by Mira S. Designs provides the world of fashion jewelry with timeless creations that are inspired by life. Comprised of silver, yellow, and rose gold creations, all MSJ designs are handmade on a Sterling Silve base in limited quantity, complying with its culture of uniqueness and self-expression.
She offers a huge selection of cool rings and pieces that you can wear in many different ways – personalize it and add a statement.

IMG_6824Mira Sadi Jewels Earrings


Next one would be RAGEN JEWELS.
They are based in USA, but sell online. The Ragen brand was inspired by the fusion of two rich colorful heritages forming a unique ensemble of charmed jewelry for the chic urbanites. Very cool designed, similar to many big names (like delfina), but sticking to affordable prices.

IMG_4962Wearing Ragen Jewels earrings


The final one is called ROAR ACCESSORIES and offers a variety of simple, small and chic jewelry. As well as more original and bigger bracelets.
On top of everything they also make very cool and unique handbags! Small details that will make a difference. They include 6 different designers from various countries, that is what makes the collection so diversified and suitable for everyone.
Defenitely worth looking up, I bet every single one of you will find at least one piece for themselves.

IMG_6769Roar Accessories earrings


All of the brands that I wrote about are very affordable (looking from the price point).
There is none that I would really prefer, just wrote about them in alphabetic sequence :).

Can not decide which one would be my favorite, so I just mix and match pieces from all of them and wear them together.

Which one is your favorite!?

Hope you are having a beautiful weekend and sending you many positive thoughts from London,

xx, Maja

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