Why Traveling?

I was sitting in my favorite coffee shop today, outside in the sunshine, when an elderly lady sits next to me. She started talking and talking, so I decided to have a little chat with her. You know how it can get, especially older people often get lonely. But it actually ended up being incredible inspiring chat we had. We discussed politics, what is happening around the world this days, traveling, and even relationships. She inspired me to travel even more, even tho I travel a lot already. Why do I even travel? I think Its really the only thing you can buy that makes you richer. Richer from inside. You grow, you experience, you learn. Meeting new cultures, gaining new friends, trying different food. Just living. That is why I always wanted to speak as many languages as possible. First english, spanish, serbo-croatian, german and now italian. So I can communicate with the locals wherever I am. It gives you so much, makes you become wiser and completely opens your mind. I traveled a lot already, even tho I am still very young. But I have a loooot more places lying just in front of me, on my travel list. So whenever you have the opportunity, do it. But by travel I don’t mean just chilling on the beach and staying at the hotels. Go out in the world, hang out with the locals and try new things. Life goes by so fast, make the best out of it. Make memories. Be a wanderlust!




My new friend also gave me a nice advice on life and relationships at the end, but I will keep it to myself for now 🙂

Have a beautiful and positive end of the day, and go on a trip the following weekend 🙂

Love, MM






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