Tint your Eyelashes

Closeup of woman blue eye

How to spend your summer without the need for any kind of make up!?

As you will get a nice glow from the sun, the only thing you should take care off is your eyelashes.
This is where I have a good advice for you.. To be completely careless and walk around with no make up, I always tint my eyelashes before the holidays. I am a big fan of the natural look in general, but in this case you can really look nice and naturally beautiful without even touching your face.

You can do it very easily in almost any beauty salon. I did mine while visiting my home town Ljubljana, in Lavanda, which is the only beauty salon I ever go to. You know how it is, when you find a place that does everything perfect and just the way you like it, you will always go back. I got a bit spoiled, especially regarding my face and my skin I don’t trust many people.

Back to the point, tinted eyelashes are gonna make your life way easier. Less is more.

Hope it will help you as well and make your holidays easier. xx, MM


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