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ZSGeneration Charm ClubMy motto has always been – accessorize. I truly believe that even if you pull up some boring look, put on your bracelets, rings, watches, etc. you can create a completely new image, and look amazing. So, it is not all in wardrobe.

I have heard of Thomas Sabo brand before, but actually never owned anything by them. So, recently, I went on their webpage to pick out some pieces and I was thrilled to see such a wide range of stunning jewellery pieces and watches and simply couldn’t decide. I particularly love charms and, for me, one of the best things you can give me as a present is a charm that has a meaning. That charm is specifically chosen and dedicated to me by you, so it becomes a symbol of our relationship, of how well you know me and what you love about me. Pretty cool, huh?

Thomas Sabo have always been renowned for their charms, but their latest collection is something else. They have added something new and never seen before, something that revolutionizes the world of charms: they have launched the Generation Charm Club collection. So far, all of the charms I had were meant for bracelets and were sweet and cute, but now they are in a XL format and ultra-stylish! They have been reinvented to become pendants that can be worn in sets on one or more charm necklaces for a layered look – I love that idea!

So, I have chosen some of my favourite charms like the parrot, the feather and even my zodiac sign and have styled on my new charm necklaces! It’s all about personalization and mix & matching the Generation Charm Club charms to create your very own look.

I am never taking my necklaces off!

Also, you may want to check out Thomas sabo’s diamond jewellery collection as well… I have my eyes set on one particular piece, but will keep it a secret for now.



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