The Lion King

When I was little I had my favorite toy that I was always carrying around wherever I went. Like mostly all the little kids. But mine was not a regular teddy bear, but a huge Simba. As I was practically obsessed with the cartoon.


So the other day I decided to watch it again. Now, as I see myself as quite a mature person. And I just can’t describe the feeling it gave me. When you think about cartoons most of the people think they are only entertaining for the children, but its actually so not true. Grown up people should actually watch them and learn out of them, as they all carry some incredible stories and tips for life. Inspiring people to be good and do positive things, be grateful, trust life… I know we are living in a real world with many bad things happening, but if more people would be trying to make a difference maybe once we could succeed..

Anyway I do believe cartoons are educational and they all carry a big meaning inside. So my dear friends, don’t be embarrassed to watch cartoons and think they are only for children 🙂

I probably shouldn’t even start discussing the new Cinderella movie, as then you won’t be able to stop me 😛

Anyway to brighten your day I will share with you this beautiful song by Elton John, that was played in the cartoon.

Feel the love, MM

A scene from the movie "Lion King." (GNS Photo) ORG XMIT: GPN7





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