Supercharged Morocco

When I first got invited on a press trip to Morocco I have to confess I was quite skeptical. In my head i only imagined sheeshas, camels, couscous and habibis everywhere. Well a bit cliche I know, but I have to say that Morocco is all that, and much more!

About a month ago Supercharged Agency reached out to me and invited me on a trip of the lifetime. And as I never heard of the agency before, I didn’t knew anyone going there, we didn’t have any itinerary or the plan until a week before the trip…I have to admit I was a bit skeptical. But I decided to accept the challenge and do it!! Why not, another experience!! And it ended up being (I can almost say) the best trip of my life! With incredible organization! Low expectations this time really brought me positive results, and I have to say it was worth the wait. 

Anyhow the trip to Morocco started with my flight from London to Paris, where I finally met the whole team (coming from NYC and LA) and joined them on a flight to Casablanca. Franco and Spencer were the organizers and the main people from the team/Supercharge agency, two really lovely and charming guys, caring and fun at the same time! Bossy, but friends! Couldn’t do a better job! While from influencers we had Sunita, Eugenie, Ian and Erik on board from NYC and Gregory, Tommy, Ellen and Flamcis from LA. The whole team was so amazing, we couldnt have done it better guys! Now I understand why every single person was hand picked and selected for the trip. 

Straight away after landing we began with the adventures; firstly with my missing luggage. OFC it always happens to me!! 🙂 But anyhow I tried to stay chill, and thank god the whole team was so nice and friendly, and Sunita borrowed me her gold pants in which i lived for the next 3 days! Thank you Sunita, I really appreciate it!! 

After a long ride to Marrakesh (boys said its going to be 3-it was almost 6/7 hours!) we stayed at the best hotel in town La Mamounia for the first two days. It was really a dream!! Supposengly the king used the palace for his guests, and I have to say I can see why!! We had two relaxing days exploring Marrakesh markets and enjoying the spa of la Mamounia. While the whole hotel has probably the best buffet breakfast I’ve ever seen! (and its my fav meal of the day!). At the main market we saw some cobra performances, monkeys and of course I bought some cute cultural things, and did the hana all over my hand.  Just a quick tip if you do visit – whatever you are buying at the market, you have to bargain! Its a part of tradition and they get kind of insulted if you dont. Normally you can get the price down 50% or even more!

The evening was followed by a fun and traditional Marrocan diner in the middle of the main square, which made me feel like I’m in 1001 Nights story. And I even had my little dance with the belly dancer 🙂 

The next day it was time to head south! On our way to the dessert we stopped at a local hotel where they greeted us with traditional music and a really cool authentic marrocan vibe. The hotel was nothing like the first, very down to earth and modest, but it was really amazing to try the real thing and experience a real local hotel along the way. The over the city view from our room was really spectacular, seeing houses of all the colors. Combined with the sand peachy tones, really made me feel like im Khallesi from Game of thrones who just arrived to Kingslanding. On top of everything, Sunita and I decided to try a real traditional Hammam at the place. By traditional I mean when the actual lady comes in the steam with you and washes you and scrubs all the dead skin from your body. While you just lay down and do nothing. Really incredible, I could def get used to this.. 🙂 And by the way – day nbr 3, my luggage is still missing :/// But hey, life is beautiful and the trip is amazing! 

When we finally departed and continued the road we had quite a lot of driving to do, but finally and lastly made it to the desert!! Each of us got its own camel which we ride all the way into the heart of Sahara desert! Accompanied by the most amazing sunset. Def a night to remember. As we were a bit late, we finished the road in complete darkness, and I have to confess it was quite a bit scary to ride a camel in the middle of nowhere, with no roads or lights. Heads off to the people who always find the right way, I would get lost over there 10000000000 times. 

When we finally made it, the local people Berbers accepted us with a warm hello, huge fire in the middle of the tents and a warm traditional barbarian meal. Im slowly starting to feel sick from all the cuscus we are eating this days haha.

After the dinner we all sat by the fire and sing to the local songs, and really bonded with the whole crew. So many different characters, but so many amazing people all together. In moments like this you realize how little we actually need, and what actually really matters. People around you and the energy/chemistry between them. We played all sorts of games by the fire, and shared some amazing moments with the people around us. Especially in the middle of Sahara desert with no single living soul around us, seriously in the middle of nowhere. 

Around midnight the main barbar told us, that in order to find service we need to climb the highest mountain in the desert! And so we did! in complete darkness we started hiking up the hill, not having and clue where we are going. But when we finally arrived it was probably my favorite moment ever, as you could literally see the stars from all the way down in the ground on the right, until all the way down on the left. Literally just stars stars stars everywhere! You could really see that  the world is round ! And no single light in the neighborhood made them shine so strong, I will never forget this moment! With comets running up and down like crazy! I would for sure go all the way back, just to see and experience this again! Precious moments!

We spend the night in the tents, where I really slept surprisingly well. Probably most of the sleep i got in the last couple of days 🙂 

In the morning our schedule consisted of sun tanning, sand boarding and one of the funnest activities – squad biking (after having a really tasty barbarian breakfast!) And finally departing the desert, just on time to escape the sand storm which was just starting to hit us! 

I have to admit that it was an amazing experience to stay in the desert, but I believe we were all the happiest when we finally made it back to the hotel!! And finally showered 😀

The next couple of days we visited the city where they filmed Gladiator and Game of Thrones (you see, I was right :DDD) and did a really cool trip with the Hot air balon! Such a unique and amazing experience, especially for somebody like me who love the heights! And would give everything to learn how to fly! 🙂 

So many fun things, so much laughter with the crew (especially Gregory and Tommy) who really made the trip even so much more amazing. The last two days we stayed in a villa in Marakesh and just enjoyed ourselves and our amazing company 😀 

Oh I am lying, we also decided to visit the Saint Laurent gardens of course. Such an incredible place with so much energy! No wonder he got so many inspirations from this place. 

Finally the trip has come to the end, and as the last dinner the boys went to bring some McDonalds to the house. You can not imagine the happiness and joy that spread around everywhere! Priceless!! How little is needed.. 🙂 But at the same time I was probably the only one missing cuscus haha.. 

Seriously I dont even know how to describe the trip other then saying – the most amazing crew, most amazing place, great energies and so many activities along the road really made me the happiest girl in town. Lets do it again Franco and Specner 🙂 Supercharge trip completed!! Thank you all for being on the road with us, and all the most amazing fun moments that happened along the way. I even miss our long hours car rides along the way. There was something special even in that moments. 

Honestly really happy to be a part and thank you all for being so amazing! Franco, Spencer, Sunita, Eugenie, Ian, Erik, Gregory, Tommy, Ellen and Flamcis love u guys!! And of course biggest shootout to French connection for providing us super cute outfits, Raden bags for traveling in style, Sephora and Bumble &Bumble for taking care of our pretty hair. Without you we couldn’t have done it!!

And its almost time to plan the next trip Supercharge trip!! <3

All my love, and do visit Morocco!! Highly recommend!!

xxx, MM







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