Sunny LA

Hi everyone!!

Welcome back to the sunny LA 🙂

Enjoying this beautiful weather and casual style. Recently I joined, so now you can actually buy exact things of the look that I am wearing, without needing to search for it everywhere.
Just click on the item I connect it to, and you will be redirected.
For everyone that was asking me where can they get the Maje leather jacket and my sunglasses. Here is the response 🙂

Here is my look from the other day, wearing top from Topshop Boutique, Jeans from Topshop Moto. Sunglasses are from Gentle Monster and are unfortunately not in sale yet, but coming soon.
Jacket as I already said its from Maje, and the sneakers that I got in Paris (and I absolutely adore how comfortable are they), from Comptoir des Cottoniers. To be honest I barely take them off my feet.. 🙂
Ohh and I almost forgot about my bag 🙂  As you can see, the bag is from Chanel Boy Bag.

Hope you are having a beautiful day and sharing all my love,

xx, Maja

IMG_9354Gentle monster sunglasses


IMG_9357Chanel Boy bag and Comptoir des Cottoniers shoes



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