Story for the soul

It is 3am and I can’t stop reading through different spiritual articles on one of the (Slovenian) websites I love. Just this moment I came across a very interesting (and so very true) little story or a poem, which I decided to translate and publish for you.

I dont think I need to add anything else, the story consists of only a few words, but so much meaning.

Hope you will like it as much as I did and lots of love from Slovenia,



Once the Buddha was visited by a heavenly being and ask him a few questions:

What is the sharpest sword? Buddha replied: speak with anger in his heart.

What is the most fatal poison? Greed, lust.

What is the most raging fire? Hatred.

What is darkest night? Ignorance.

What is the biggest gain? To give.

What is the greatest loss? Uncontrollably grasp, without being grateful.

Which shield is bulletproof? Patience.

What is the best weapon? Wisdom.

What rescind the friendship? Envy and selfishness.

What is the greatest pain? Bad conscience.

What is the greatest pleasure? Re-awakening.




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