Slovenian House Vida

Home sweet home. Who doesn’t love the country they were born in? I’ve told you about my sweet little Slovenia in the last travel post, but I haven’t mentioned the lovely Slovenian House Vida, a bed & breakfast in Ljubljana where you can stay while visiting my country.

Slovenian House Vida combines an authentic, homely and elegant space that offers their guests unforgettable cultural, natural and culinary experiences. One of the interesting facts is that the most famous Slovenian musician Slavko Avsenik wrote the song Golica in This house. Slovenian classic!

They have very spacey and cosy rooms, but my favorite part about the place is their restaurant. You get to start every day with a typical Slovenian breakfast in a handcrafted wine cellar that looks absolutely amazing.

The place is located in an idyllic green oasis on the outskirts of Ljubljana so you’re just one step away from nature but at the same time just a few minutes away from the centre of Ljubljana. The best of both worlds. At the same time, the place is very peaceful and warm, where you can relax, meet new people and restore the energy for the next day of sightseeing.

Honestly, I really like this place, I think is it a place where everyone can find themselves. And just to give you some heads up: the friendly staff at Vida have already begun to prepare for the upcoming December holidays so the atmosphere at Vida is especially festive. Go check it out for yourself 😉

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