Slicked back hair

Its time to talk about one of the latest trends from the runways – the slicked back hair.
Why is it so special!?!
1) I realised it’s not so much a hair trend, but it’s a go-to-hair-style for sophisticated situations. It’s quite effortless but also very royal, but rocknroll and edgy at the same time.
AND 2) it’s done by both men and women, boys & girls, which I think it’s the best part.


The slicked back hair look is something the girls were doing somewhere in the 80s maybe, the wet look rocked by models on magazine covers in one piece swimsuits with legs long for days, but boys have held the record on this one. Hello the retro wet hair look, the gangsters hairstyle, Al Pacino, Johnny Depp.,
But why are models sent down the runway in slicked back wet hair? Why does Kim Kardashian go for this look more often than not?

It’s one of the most elegant and refined hairstyles ever. It’s a perfect go to look for evening, for posh events that require a little more prepping up than our regular 10 minutes. It looks incredibly sophisticated and amazing when worn with a great makeup face, or massive bling. It can be done with short hair, long, medium, and it will look equally great. It really opens up the face, and gives this elegant but edgy vibe to a look.

When to wear the slicked back hair? It usually is a perfect match for posh gatherings, for weddings, for parties, for elegant places and events. It looks amazing for black tie occasions, for evening: men in suits or tuxedos, women in dresses, or tuxedoes and high heels. I think it’s a fab style.

How to get the slicked back hair?

  • tease the hair at the crown (a lot of it)
  • spray it
  • use dry shampoo
  • spray again
  • use more dry shampoo
  • brush it back
  • don’t detangle it
  • spray it
  • use some oil for ends and baby hairs
  • ta-daaa

Or watch a youtube tutorial on HOW TO.








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