Shine from within

Did it ever happen to you that you knew someone only from the pictures and found the person very beautiful. While at the same time when you finally got to know the same person for real, all  the beauty fade away when you realized the character is really bad and the person is ugly from inside.

Or the same case reverse – You met someone who at the first look didn’t seem nothing special, but when you actually got to know him/her and discovered a nice person with a pure character, the same person became completely different and extremely beautiful in your eyes!?

It happens to me quite often. As well with men, as with women. The real beauty is not just what you see by the look, its not in the face. It comes from inside and it adds a special sparkle on the people that are really beautiful from inside. It reflect, it shines. And makes a person beautiful. Not the make up, not the pretty face. Its the personality.

Love! xx, MM


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