Sandos Mexico


Fashion weeks are finally behind us, and honestly I have to say that it was one of the most exhausting periods ever. So…after 4 weeks of hard work – what sounds better then vacation!? 😀

Together with my gf Bridget we decided to take a trip to Mexico and visit Cancun and Tulum. Why Mexico!?! Because its hot, and close to my next destination LA! From many beautiful hotels out there we wanted to try a variety of hotels to test it and compare between each other. As traveling is one of my fields and passions, I decided to join vacation with work (of course it never sleeps) and do a little review on Sandos Hotel Resorts. All of the hotels are all inclusive, meaning all you can eat or drink is free. And if that doesn’t satisfy you, you can also get a 24h room service. Not sure if I like this fact so much, haha or at least my body did not.. 😀

The first Hotel that we visited was the smallest and my favorite – Sandon Cancun – Luxury Experience Resort. After everything I can say that it was my favorite, as it is more like a boutique hotel (compared to others) and a bit more exclusive and luxurious. Rooms are very spacious and the stuff is another levee friendly. They offer 5 all inclusive restaurants, gym, pool, etc. Almost everything your heart desire. Steam rooms were probably my favorite as they do it a little different way as normally. Every time you want to go to sauna and steam rooms you are guided by the lady who brings you cucumbers on the eyes, tells you what to do and takes you through the whole spa experience. One of my fav parts!

Next two Sandos resorts were Sandos Caracol and Sandos Playacar. Playacar has – as already name says it itself – the nicest beach, but sandos Caracol is definitely the most fun.

Caracol was hardly competing with Cancun in terms of preference. They are very different, but equally amazing, depends what you are going for. If you want to just relax and stay in peace – Cancun is the one, but if you would like to have some fun and enjoy tons of activities – Caracol is sure the winner!

The whole resort is Eco, located in Playa del Carmen. As you walk through resort, you come across dense jungle and mangrove forests, a key part of the local environment. You might even see wild animals, macaws, peacocks or spider monkeys. They care about highlighting our natural surroundings! So if you like the nature, animals and feeling like you are in the jungle – this is the right place to be!

They offer a very special Xcalacoco experience, which give you a really nice presentation and teaches you about the ancient Mayan culture. As well as it is fun, it is also educational. Apart from that have their own Aquapark, Golf course, Spa, Tennis Courts, Swimming pools, Water sports center, shopping area and if i am correct 11 snack bar and restaurants. You will def not stay hungry here! 🙂

I am absolutely in love with all of the places and have to say thank you Sandos for showing me a completely different view of Mexico then I expected. So much positivity, happiness, good food and happy vibes. Exactly like me!

I am already looking forward to heading back soon, and in case if you are planning a trip to Mexico – I hope my review helps you a bit when choosing the hotel and where to stay. Sandos it is for sure, now what style do you prefer – I will leave it up to you!

Attaching a little look book, so you can easily imagine all the places and decide where to stay!

Muchisimos besitos!!

xx, MM