Royal London Society for Blind People

Its Saturday again. But not any regular Saturday. It is Saturday when I have my charity volunteering work again.

RLSB is a Charity in Victoria, known as the Royal London Society for Blind People. Every time I have some time off I try to sign in and help in all the different activities they are offering. My job is to take care of blind people, to hang out with them and make them feel good and happy. Sometimes help them workout and do different sports. Today we had a nice day at the park followed by the picnic.

You can not believe what kind of feeling gets back to you! When you do something like this, you feel like you’re floating afterwards. It doesn’t cost me anything – only a few hours of my day, but at the same side it can leave such an impact on other people. The fact of seeing them smiling and happy like they haven’t been in the last few weeks…brings out incredible happiness and personal satisfaction inside of you! Trust me. It is the best healing for yourself at the same time. As well it’s incredible for the mind.

Sometimes we get flown away by the societies and the world we live in. Makes you wonder when you see people being blind and actually realize how hard it can get.. We get blinded, even more then the people who are actually blind. With the crazy world around us. Be grateful for your life and for being who you are!  The volunteering work really gives you the feeling of being grateful. Being grateful to be as I am, to be healthy and have my family and friends, to be alive and to be healthy. Even tho I am not perfect and we have better and worst days, some people have way bigger issues in this world. Do something good today, be kind to people and you will see, it gets rewarded back!

In case you are living in London and interested to join the same charity, please read more about it and sign in on the following link:

Sending my love wherever you are and be good, MM xx

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