Romantic Paris


Another beautiful, sunny day brought a smile on my face.
I for sure did not hide the excitement of the most amazing venue we were shooting on top of George V hotel, as well as the beautiful weather this day.

For a beautiful day in Paris I  wore this romantic Mr. Self Portrait lace top, Urban Outfitter jeans, Lanvin booties and Chanel Lego Clutch.

Have a great start of the week and don’t forget that life is so much nicer when you smile!! At the same time when you give positive (even just a simple smile) you attract positive back in your life! 🙂 Just believe, don’t crave.

Love, MM xxx

Mr Self Portrait Top – get similar here
Urban Outfitters Jeans
Lanvin Booties – get similar here
Chanel Lego Bag – get similar here or here

BMXparis - 7 (1)
BMXparis - 38

BMXparis - 61

BMXparis - 51

BMXparis - 25
BMXparis - 21
BMXparis - 43

BMXparis - 18
BMXparis - 75

BMXparis - 39
BMXparis - 36
BMXparis - 59
BMXparis - 65



PS: Due to many requests about my top I updated this post, shoot just before Barbara Bui fashion show in Paris. Thank you 4 Seasons Paris for everything!


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