Hey my loves!!

After amazing holidays with my family and new year in Paris, I made it back to bellowed LA. So many things have been happening I don’t even know where to start. People coming and leaving from my life. I guess 2017 has many surprises ready for all of us.

2017 brought many new amazing people I just met, and have a feeling they are gonna stay in my life for a while. Other people leaving. As well as a big disappointment that happened yesterday. Im still trying to find the reason and the positive lesson behind it. Before leaving LA in December I left all of my belongings at the house I was renting, and finally realized everything was gone when i made it back. I was robbed on another level. Literally every single thing is gone. From handbags, shoes, clothes, cosmetics, camera, documents… everything gone! And what hurts the most is that it was somebody from the people I trusted, and that clearly everyone is lying to my face. Nobody knows anything. It just mysteriously disappear. And another level of disappointment happened at the police, where all they did was take the report. So they will just let the thief walk away easily with all my Chanel handbags, shoes, Saint Laurent, Celine… I better dont even think about it.

I try to tell myself those are just things, but it still hurts. Ive been collecting all the nice bags and shoes since 10 years, and all of a sudden everything is gone. I always try to find reasons and good meanings in every bad thing that happens. But what is here positive!?! I guess I needed some clearance in my life, but this was quite a hard core. The only thing i can think of is that something better is coming along!? Maybe new, nicer things!? And even if not, i guess at the end of the world I am healthy, have my family and dear friends and thats the most important thing in life. Maybe I need to learn how to let go. Things are just things, without emotions and meaning like people.

Saying all that I have to say – life I’m still grateful for all my blessings, and will focus on collecting moments, not things. And whatever comes along, I am happy to receive it with open hands. At least i am clean from the past, and starting 2017 fresh, without old baggage. Who knows why did I need this to happen..

But anyway, whenever something bad like this happens to you, think of my words. Collect moments, not things. Life is to short to worry about stolen item, even tho still hurts that the criminal can walk away with everything so easily, without punishment. I hope karma will do its work.

Just so you know – in case if you see me and I’m not wearing the regular smile on my face… Actually putting it back on  and heading back to my mean in Malibu. 🙂 Being in bad mood only makes you feel worse, and it can not help or change the situation anyhow …


All my love and thank u all for being there for me! Means so much!!


xxx, MM







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