Quote on beauty

Did it ever happen to you that you knew someone only from the pictures and found the person very beautiful. While at the same time when you finally got to know the same person for real, allĀ  the beauty fade away when you realized the character is really bad and the person is ugly from inside.

Or the same case reverse – You met someone who at the first look didn’t seem nothing special, but when you actually got to know him/her and discovered a nice person with a pure character, the same person became completely different and extremely beautiful in your eyes!?

It happens to me quite often. As well with men, as with women. The real beauty is not just what you see by the look, its not in the face. It comes from inside and it adds a special sparkle on the people that are really beautiful from inside. It reflect, it shines. And makes a person beautiful. Not the make up, not the pretty face. Its the personality.


Love! xx, MM


  • Leah says:

    i like your post so much. i’ll tell you why strikes me so deeply I decided to write to you. recently I met friend of a friend who work in the same line of business as I do. three of us had great time together,had few quick coffees and lunches talking mostly about the job, compared experiences and business methods and that was it. my thoughts about her then: lovely pretty ok person.
    but then she came over to my town to attend business related seminar. our mutual friend was out of town, so naturally I took the friendly role of gracious host. as we spend more and more time together I realized i just couldn’t stand that person. she was the opposition of everything i heard about her, not even close to “lovely beautiful girl” i must say I felt very puzzled cause I really like our mutual friend, but what kept me wondering was: why would she ever want to be a friend with this kind of person? what’s wrong there? is the problem somewhere in me?
    I tried to be nice and polite, and it worked, but i was completely out of my mind.
    my thoughts about that person now when i got to know her much much better: oh my god! not only superficial, she is basically stupid, rude, egotistical, chauvinist, snobby, materialistic arrogant fool. well, you got the picture!
    my problem is I really can’t decide what to tell to our mutual friend who still speaks so highly about that girl from hell. should i tell anything at all? or just let it slide and make sure to disappear quickly and quietly next time Hell-Girl comes around? i hope I’ll figure this one out soon. kiss to you Maja, thank you for letting me use your diary!

  • Maja Malnar says:

    Hi Leah! Thank you so much for reading and sharing your problem with me! I know exactly what you mean, as sometimes people can hide their real face very well. And only in situations like this you can really get to know them and see how they really are. As there is many of them, playing certain roles and pretending to be somebody else.. My question here would be if you know the other friend very well? In case if yes, I would say to not make a big drama, but just give him/her a friendly advice to pay attention with the other co-worker. Not that you try to make the person look bad as she is, but just to put out to be careful and pay attention to few things that you experienced. That is my advice! In this case the person that is your friend won’t feel like you are trying to convince him/her into something, but will pay attention to realize the same things that you did!
    Really hope my advice helps and hope that you will solve the situation and get rid of the third persons negative energy around you! And good luck!! xxx, Maja

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