Pray for Paris

Another terrorist attack. 120 people dead in Paris. My heart is breaking when I am reading all the news. It hurts to think that this world can have so much hate.
I really don’t understand why does all this need to be happening!?! Why does innocent people need to die!?! We are all just humans.

Doesn’t matter what ethnicity you are, what religion you are, what color is your skin, what gender you are.
We all have two arms, two legs, built out of bones and blood. We are practically the same.
Why can we not just all love each other and be happy!?!
We are a bit different in a way yes, but why not accepting deference!? This difference is not essential, we are all human. Everything that defines us is nice, no matter what country you come from. If we could accept everyone, world would be so much nicer!!
At the end we are different in a way, but still the same – only human beings. It is so sad that there is so much humans no this planet, but no humanity.. 🙁

I truly pray and hope for the change, hope that people realize this is not leading anywhere. We should all love each other and be peaceful.
We are all different in a way yes, but why not accepting this deference!? At the end how boring would it be if we would all be the same.

Sharing my condolence with everyone that lost their loved ones tonight and praying for a change and peace! My thoughts are with you..

Love, MM


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