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One of the things that is really important to me when it comes to beauty is the look of my skin.

As a teenager I was always prone to having a bit acne and oily skin. That is why I probably became obsessed with trying different creams and tools to try to improve it. Even getting older and older, I realized that my skin was still not changing and it still had imperfections. I guess I haven’t grown up yet haha.

The other day my dermatologist told me about PMD MicroDerm and I was really excited to hear more about it, as apparently it helps shrink the pores and get rid of imperfections. It’s a new thing (at least for me) that I haven’t heard of before. I guess it is about time. They call it Microdermabrasion and it is normally a machine which helps to smooth the skin. Apparently, it has been around a very long time (supposing Egyptians were using it in 1500BC).

The whole process could be called Dermabrasion and Microdermabrasion. With dermabrasion, a dermatologist or plastic surgeon “sands” your skin with a special instrument. The procedure makes way for a new, smoother layer of skin. Microdermabrasion uses tiny exfoliating crystals that are sprayed on the skin.

What I discovered at my doctor’s office was a tiny machine, which does exactly the same thing as all the big devices you find in at beauty salons! In a small and simple device that you can use at home, this is probably the first handheld at-home microdermabrasion device, with its patented spinning disk and vacuum suction. I got so excited to try it, and honestly cannot describe to you the amazing and smooth feeling of my skin afterwards.


As with most beauty products out there, you have to be very careful not to use it too often – preferably once a week – and not to go over the same part of the face twice when using it. You’ll end up a little red if you do, so the only thing I would highly recommend is to be careful! And if you do it properly – you will see it is simply amazing!

Apart from improving your overall skin it is also known for reducing the visibility of wrinkles, sun damage and skin roughness.

You can find it in all the big department stores (Harrods, Selfridges, Niemen Marcus, Nordstrom’s…) or beauty shops like Sephora. As well you can read more about it and order it directly from here!

Hope you will like it as much as I do, and will help you change your life (and skin!) for the better!


Lots of love and have a great weekend!!

xxx, MM



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