Only step on the island and you will already feel that the place is magical. The energy is just incredible, while the whole place is breathtaking. Starting from architecture and the style of old town, continuing with best food, fun music, crystal clear water, friendly people and cool style. I am in love. With the city.

The old town is all covered by stones, so I would not recommend you to wear high heels. Maybe platforms if you really want to be taller. Everything is while and blue as in most places in Greece. They are two of my favorite colors, so no wonder why I like it so much..

When you walk around the town you can find quite an exceptional pieces in the small stores in the city center, as well as some of the best latest street style pieces from all the designers. I have to admit one of the things that brought my attention were collections from Greek designers. I never knew they have such an amazing taste and so many trendy designers with extravagant pieces. They use a lot of colors and make their pieces very fun and lively. Like the culture itself. Defenitely worth stopping at least to take a look.

You will definitely not get hungry as there is many places to get crapes or pancakes in town, as well as some fast food places, or fast prepared typical greek dishes. If you are walking around later in the evening you will not be able miss many small bars around the city, all full of life, fun people and good energy. Get lost in the old town, wander around this incredible small stress. Get lost in the city. You never know who you bump into..

Regarding the stay I can’t give you so many advices as we rented a house together with my old friends from Serbia. That is why I cant really tell about the hotels, just have to say that I would really recommend the style of being in your own house if you are coming with your friends. It is a lot of fun as well as a bit more private. Good for bigger groups.

Here are my recommendations for restaurants and bars:


Scorpios – food and small eve party, really good on tuesday, thursday and sunday. During the day you can enjoy beautiful Kaluah beach nearby and walk up to Scorpios for lunch and sunset later.

Interni – dinner and drinks

Uno con Carne – meat

Nammos – beach and restaurant

Sea Satin – Caprice

Panormos – beach and restaurant

Solimar – beach and restaurant

Ornos – beach near by the town





Rock n Roll

Moni – late night club


FullSizeRender-2View of the Solimar beach and restaurant


IMG_3423Old town

IMG_3594Solimar beach

IMG_3870Kaluah beach

IMG_3910Kaluah beach
IMG_2584Center early morning




IMG_4930Food at the Panormos


IMG_2992View from the Scorpios







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