My ritual with Rituals

Hi Hi!!

Time to talk about my beauty ritual!

I never thought it matters what shower gel do I use. I was not picky about it, and haven’t really noticed much difference when taking a shower. Until I received a gift from Rituals, that completely changed my perception.

I am honestly not kidding, I never knew a shower gel can influence so much and makes my shower experience so much better!! I can say I am addicted to it! And if you would ask me a week ago, I would say this can never happen.. Not with a shower gel! But yes, I guess we can surprise ourselves. 🙂

What is so special about it!? It is the texture, the smell, easy to apply, the soft feeling… just everything together is a perfection. It really gives you the foaming shower gel sensation (as it is called).

I can’t wait to try their other products from my list – I tried the hand cream and loved it as well!!!. So looks like I found a new favorite beauty brand. And starting all my beauty rituals with Rituals!

Lots of love and do give it a try, I guarantee you will love it! My favorite smell is called T’ai Chi 🙂

xxx, MM

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