My MUST HAVE Make up pieces

Hi beauties!!
Lately I have been getting many requests from you regarding my make up and what products do I use.
So here goes my report and response to you…!!
I am very much a lover of natural, no make up kind of look, so I never use foundation, but only a bit of powder and concealer.
I have a few pieces of my make up MUST HAVES and I can not imagine being left without them.
Of course I have days when I put absolutely nothing on my face, but I just like the feeling of having them in case of urgency. Or you never know, just to be there 🙂
Most of my favorite products are from MAC, and an absolute must have is a lip pencil in the color HALF RED. Similar to this one is also Absolutely it or Soar, which are always next to me as well, just in case if I loose one of them.
I should probably get a membership card in Mac, regarding how much money I spend there monthly just on buying this lip pencils :)))
Next thing would be the natural eyeshadow palette from Smashbox. I am absolutely addicted to the natural mat tones that come in the palette. It looks like you are wearing no make up at all, and it doesn’t do a big change, but just highlights the eye a bit and make it pop out a bit more.
On top of it I only add a bit of YSL mascara, that I am trying right now. I am very satisfied with it, even tho I will probably go back to Hypnose Lancome or 2000 Calorie from Max Factor once I use it until the end.
About my foundation as I said I am not using any liquid one, but I do use the powder from Mac, as well as the liquid canceler to cover occasional spots and breakouts. Highly recommendable thing, even when you are planning to use no make up at all. You just put it directly to the spot, and you are ready to go! Oh and its good to add a bit of highlighter or a bronzer.
This is basically it from my make up. 5 essential pieces that are with me always and everywhere.
When I go out in the evening I use a bit darker tones from my Smasbox palette and sometimes add an eyeliner or a bit brighter lipstick like the classic red from Chanel or Ruby from Mac.
All of the pieces have been with me for quite a few years already, so hope they don’t disappoint you if you decide to try.
For me they are simply perfect.
Have a great (hopefully sunny) day and stay natural and beautiful!
xxx, MM

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