My diet secrets

After holidays everyone is starting to be careful with food, and trying to eat healthy.
Yes, I guess holidays are the time when we can ‘cheat’ a bit and afford ourselves things that we normally wouldn’t.
And to start the year healthy I decided to share with you my food rules or lets call it my diet secrets, that I always follow no matter what.
Everything written is a part of my lifestyle. Not that I would be forcing myself, but I actually love it this way.

Lets start with  breakfast.. Breakfast is very important and should not be skipped as makes your whole body digesting and starts the metabolism. you can eat as many fruit as you feel like, preferably before everything else.
It is never good to eat fruit in the evening, as it gets stuck on top of the other food in your digestive system. But you can eat it without a problem in the morning, and afternoon. Especially I would recommend you eating grapefruit together with your coffee, as helps to burn fat faster.
Good example for breakfast are also cereals that are high in fibre! or granola, with almond milk or greek yogurt, or whichever you prefer. Another good thing would be eggs, but not fired – hardboiled, and you should avoid the yellow part, so best is to eat maybe 3 egg whites and only 1 or even just a half of the yellow. Is only a bad holesterol, meanwhile egg whites are just protein with hardly any calories at all.
Another good example is a piece of whole grain bread with fruit jam or honey (not too much of it!) or smoked salmon (that I adore! Have it with just few crackers – try to avoid bread!)

Healthy breakfast. Bowl of yogurt with granola and berries

Another important thing is to try to not mix carbohydrates and protein together. So you either eat just protein or only carbs. Mostly recommended is to eat carbs in the morning (fruit, cereal) and protein in the evening – always!! (fish, meat, chicken)

Mostly the best is to eat few smaller meals a day, preferably like 5. That is why approximately 2,5- 3 hours after breakfast you should have a snack, which can be a protein bar, juice, fruit, or something that you like and its not too big of a portion. Even ice cream would work, small one.

Another two hours later more or less you should have lunch. Here as said you should decide if you were gonna eat carbs or protein. Meaning if you go for carbs you can have a small portion of wholegrain pasta or quinoa with tomato sauce but no meat or fish! And if you go for fish or meat, no rice, no potato etc. But only vegetable. Very good examples are salads where you always add – chicken, shrimp, salmon… or you can add quinoa etc and no meat in this case.


You can eat as many vegetable as you want, whenever and wherever. As long as you eat them plain, or just with vinegar and oil it will not get you fat. No matter at what time you eat them.
At the same time some vegetable have less calories that your body needs to digest them, so sometimes you are burning more, when you eat it!! Example for that would be cucumber and celery. All the green vegetables are the lightest by calories, but all of them are ok!!
The most carbs have like carrot, but is good as it gives you beta karoten which is important for your skin.

As well if you are making salad, don’t use prepared dressings, but always use olive oil as it is good for maaany things and I would recommend you Apple Vinegair as it helps to burn fat faster. Salt and other similar things should be avoided as makes the water stuck inside your body and makes you bloated.

Few hours after lunch you can have another snack, that can be similar as the first one. Juice, bar, yoghurt or something healthy.

And dinner should mostly consist from protein. Because of your digestive system is better to eat protein in the evening and no carbs ! So I would recommend fish with spinach or broccoli, Chicken with salad, eggwhites, .. ooh and cottage cheese is a great example of protein that you can eat at any time of the day – as a snack with veggies or during dinner, breakfast, anytime…


Another important fact is to drink a lot of water!! It i gonna help you flush the food out of your system and help staying skinny, but remember – not too much salt.. Salt in food is gonna get the water stuck inside your body.

As well you should drink as little of alcohol as possible. Alcohol has enormous amount of calories, way more then food actually.. So if you do need it, have a glass of wine and thats it. Green tea is a way better option 🙂 Anytime of the day!!green-tea


And If you are feeling closed at any time and not going to the bathroom, dried prunes are the best solution or highly fibre cereals. I can send you an example of my favorite and healthiest. And a tea should normally help.

Good luck and hope you will enjoy the healthy died as much as I do. Makes you feel so fresh and clean from inside out.
xx, MM


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