Murad magic potion

The other day I got invited to attend a workout class sponsored by Murad cosmetics. No obligations, just to try it out and enjoy. And as I always love to work out, and have quite a lot to catch up after fashion weeks i was really excited to join. At the end of the class we received a couple of samples from the new cream, and at that point I thought to myself, another cream to stand on my shelf..


But I have to admit I was wrong this time. Not sure if I told you, but I’ve always been battling with unclear skin and pimples. Literally since I was a teenager. I tried all sorts of facials, all sorts of creams – from the most expensive (300eur or more) to the most basic and cheap. And nothing seemed to work. Even the creams from the beautician didn’t make my skin completely clear. I literally kind of accepted the fact that I will never have the perfect skin.


But I said I will try the new promising cream and see how I feel, as I just ran out of the one I was previously using – and wasn’t really happy about it. It felt really nice and I decided to try it on for another day, another day… And my skin surpisengly started to clear out! And I stopped breaking out! I still cant believe it, but looking at my skin right now, feels almost perfect! I don’t feel embaressed to be without make up and can normally go out without any single thing on my face! The cream I am talking about (as you can see on the pic bellow) includes Ratinol, which i believe is the ingredient that clears out the skin from everything. Also helps prevent ageing signs.
I could not be happier and more grateful to Murad to introducing me to it! And more grateful to the fact I accepted the workout and discovered this magical little cream. Thank you Murad (and Lauren for inviting me!), honestly this has been the biggest thing that has been bothering since years, and it finally seems to be ok! Cant find the words to describe it! <3


And NO, this is not a sponsored post!! It’s my most honest opinion!


All my love, and if you’re dealing with the same issues, def highly highly recommend! Click HERE to check it out!

xxxx MM



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