Milan with Wimdu

Hello everyone!

I have just reached my base in London and have tons of things to unpack! This is so exhausting and can get pretty much annoying. You have no idea how many times per day people tell me how lucky I am to be travelling all the time and they would want to live my life and see all the places where I have been. I am truly honestly very grateful and I would never change anything, and I understand that totally since travelling is my passion and I feel myself as the citizen of the world and really do feel lucky for the opportunities I had to meet so many other cultures and see so many beautiful cities. But there is of course the other side of the medal. Constantly being forced to pack and unpack and then think where I put this or that…. Gets you a bit tired. Staying in a hotel is very cozy since other people clean up after you and there are so many benefits of this lifestyle. But, during my last trip to Milan I said to a friend – let’s find a flat and stay there for a few days. Like roommates in fully equipped flat.

So, I started searching the net and I stumbled across a website called WIMDU. Decided to check it out, since I wasn’t familiar with it before.But I ended up finding all kinds of offers, so I didn’t even need to go to any other site and look for private accommodation. From small flats to huge apartments with balconies, fully equipped and looking so cozy. So, we chose the one near to Duomo, since our stay was during Milan Fashion week and I wanted to be in the center of all events and near to all the places I needed to go to. I must admit I was skeptical at first, but the flat we chose was just like on the pictures we have seen – spacious, cool furniture, equipped with everything you need… And actually seemed to be even way cuter in real life. Normally pictures look better and you get disappointed, but this time reality was a pleasant surprise. Our stay there was amazing and I honestly want to recommend to all of my followers to visit when travelling and not planning to stay in a hotel and save some of their budget.

My experience was really great and so positive that I didn’t even miss the fact that people didn’t clean up after me. It felt like home and I loved that feeling so much that I am certain I will be using their services again very soon. Until then, I am sharing some of the pics from the flat that I have chosen (me and my girlfriend Hofit working during busy schedule), but if you visit their website you can find whatever you want in almost every city you want to visit.

I hope you will enjoy as I have.









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