Milan fashion week – Moschino

Yesterday I arrived to Milano for the fashion week. It was quite a trip, as I needed to run to the Fendi show, and at the end didn’t want to risk missing the show. Straight away from the airport 🙂

It was definitely worth it! The show was spectacular, and straight after I moved to Hogan exhibition, which was quite fun. The schedule here is insane, as I run home to change and to Dondup. Followed by event from Bestaf, and finally the big Moschino.

Moschino was just insane, as I expected..  🙂

You better just look at the videos by yourself and see what I am talking about. I have to run to the Tods, but more pictures and documentaries will follow. As well as my snapchat 🙂

Sending my love from Milano, xx MM






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