Be present.
Not because you are supposed to be here or because you are confined to this moment, but because you would rather be here than anywhere else. Choose to inhabit your days fully awakened.

Be loving.
Be intense in your contemplation of eternity. Find your most beautiful love story and never let go. Bestow onto someone your heart as it keeps everything else alive. Entrust in them, the breath in your lungs and the bones in your spine. They are never without you and you are never without them, as they now hold your heart. Be truly loving and you won’t fear the outcome because those you love become your destiny.

Be independent.
Listen to yourself, your innermost self, your divine self. Don’t allow someone else to define you. Don’t be a mere synonym to another person in life’s dictionary. Be the original.

Be fearless.
Go for it all. Why? Because “what ifs” weigh much heavier on the soul than “oh wells.” And because living with a fearless abandon is more courageous than accepting limitations. Do not fear the unknown. Knowing you missed that experience is a great deal more daunting.

Be spontaneous.
Move with the flux and flow of life. Move with your goals, dreams and visions. Be open to whatever comes next. Because the impromptu twists and turns of life bring the most joy. Free spirited decisions are the most everlasting. And, the unexpected moments of spontaneity are engrained in our memories the deepest.

Be you.
The best things in life are unseen. That is why we close our eyes when we kiss, laugh, and dream. Those moments belong entirely to you. They resonate through you. They shape you – they become part of you. Be sure to surround yourself with aspects of you that are admirable and representative of the unseen you, the true you.

Be vulnerable.
Allow your living to open you, to lessen your fear, to knock down the walls and make you more accessible. Live openly because the risk is worth the reward. You must display your weaknesses before transforming them into strengths. And you must allow your vulnerability to loosen your heart and soul so that people, experiences and memories can take hold of your love.

Be glorious.
Here comes the sun, that glowing orb that magnetic mass of light makes everything all right. Start a glorious revolution within yourself because your sunshine makes the world beam. Live gloriously with a free spirit. But be purposeful in your liberation, as life is full of chances, but it shouldn’t be left up to chance.

Be vibrant.
Catch the beaming vibe. Be blindingly bright. Be breathtakingly bold. Be bewildering. Astonish others, but more importantly, amaze yourself, with the colorful hues of your life.

Be free.
Breathe out the past and breathe in your future. We tend to romanticize the past while commiserating our present, and anguishing over the unknown future. Find solace from this grim cycle and set your soul free. Liberate your body, mind, and soul with knowledge.

Be confident.
All your life someone will tell you no, quite firmly. And, the rejection will come consistently. Have the confidence to tell them yes. And every time the no’s will become more meaningless, because you can and you will.

Be strong.
Have strength in your conditions. We hope you lead a life you’re proud of. If you’re not, have the strength to start all over.

Be transformative.
Dreams don’t work unless you do. Keep your heart open to dreams for as long as there’s a dream there’s hope and as long as there is hope there is joy in living. Love yourself for all that you are all that you have been and all you’re yet to be. Because life is not transient, it keeps going on, it keeps moving.

Be bold.
Make it happen. Shock every single one of them by living out what you love. Dare to be a beautiful mess and have the audacity to be a beautiful disaster. Be bold enough to take hold of your life.

Be mindful.
Hey, eyes up here. Be attentive and mindful of the people in your life. Even if its hectic inside, never let someone talk at you, make sure they talk to you. And in these engaging glimpses of life, collect moments not things.

Be thankful.
Please and thank you. The things we hold most dear are untouchable abstractions, invented by you, the visionary. So, be thankful for your creations. Relish in love, family, health, and happiness.

Be courageous.
Most of life is an act, the lines placed in front of all of us. And, unsuspectingly we follow them because making choices is disheartening. Have the courage and incredible character to live as if no one is watching or silently judging. Choose your own lines, or go off script completely, it’s really up to you.

Be radiant.
Radiate light. Radiate health. Radiate happiness. Radiate your essence, the things that most spectacularly define you. Be your own kind of beautiful.

Be generous.
Generally speaking, generosity is what makes the world go round. Keep that rotation in continuous motion with a generous nature. Be giving because selflessness helps you define and create yourself.

Be kind.
Speak with such sweetness that the words melt in your hands. And, act in a blindingly kind-hearted way. Escape the life you lead, and let kindness carry you to the life you desire.

Be powerful.
Blow everyone away. Jolt them back with your power. A power that is beyond the physical, beyond muscle or force. It’s a power from within and it can lift you up and drive you forward.

Be playful.
Get silly. Invest in your health not just by lessening physical strains on the body, but lift the weight off your soul. Laugh, play, ignore the rules, be playful.

Be graceful.
Be strong when you feel weak, brave when you are fearful and humble when you find sweet victory. Live life with a grace that everyone envies. Ensure a permanent connection between your mind, body, and soul. And when your being is balanced, its much easier to move through life with grace.

Be healthy.
Health isn’t a burden or a temporary state of being. A state in which you reside so you compensate for the mistreatment of your body, only to return to this vicious cycle. Break this trend. Be healthy inside and out by starting or continuing on your wellness journey. A journey that will ultimately help you become beaming.

Be sexy.
Bring your sexy back. You still got it, and now let everyone else take a peek. Be sexy by a exuding healthy glow and radiating confidence. Because achieving wellness and harmony within your body, makes your outer image that much more appealing.


xx, MM

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