Magical Bahrain

Hello everyone! Before I start with my new post, I would just like to say that I know I haven’t actually posted for a while, but I was so busy with other work I had that I kept postponing all the posts I have intended to write, this one included. I just had so much going on, I was travelling all the time, moving to another place, had many everyday meetings, Fashion weeks… It was simply impossible to manage it all. However, I really plan to post frequently now and I have already a lot of posts that should have already been posted so I will start with those.

I want to take you all back with me and re-live one of definitely the best trips I had lately – the one to Bahrain.

The first thing that crossed my mind when I was invited to go there was – where is Bahrein? I knew it was in Middle East and this is what immediately caught my attention, Bahrein being one of the countries I have never been to and it was certainly high on the list of the places I want to visit. I read the description of the country online and checked out the hotel I was supposed to stay at and I can tell you – it looked like a dream. I felt so lucky to be one of the girls who got invited to go there and to have the opportunity to explore this beautiful country.

The journey started really well. At the airport, we saw double rainbow so we knew it would be a fun trip. Anyway, we arrived at Bahrain and went to the hotel. The Ritz Carlton Bahrain hotel was absolutely like a dream. We had so many lovely surprises in our rooms; it was such a nice welcome! Sushi as a welcome meal was simply amazing (I love sushi and never miss an opportunity to have some). Room itself was very spacious, very modern, and beautifully designed. We got access to VIP area, which was a fun place to hang out.

The next day started with the tour we had around the hotel and resort. We saw flamingos and the hotel has a lot of outside areas for hanging out, like a huge pool and lot of places to go around and incredible big spa! Then we arrived at the first stop of our journey – the mosque (the 2nd biggest mosque in the Middle East and, I think, in the word). We learned a lot about it. Some of my fav quotes are taken actually from the Kuran and they are so true, wise and interesting. After the mosque, we went to the Old Town, to visit the city and it was very beautiful. We got to meet some of the locals and I loooove oriental style that was everywhere around me.

The next day we went on a boat trip and there was a special surprise organized for us. First, we went snorkeling and not just regular snorkeling, but oyster diving. So, we were hunting oysters and I am proud to say that I was the only girl who actually went and got back with a huge bag of oysters. We didn’t get any prawns but we heard a lot about them. If people would know how many oysters we wasted that day it wouldn’t be nice but… Anyway, followed by that we went for lunch and got the most magical food for us on a little beach that is „actually an island that disappears in the night“, so we kind of overstayed our time and island started disappearing so we had to run away and head back.

Then on the last day of our stay, we had a spa day! The spa had everything and spa services are enormous. I had a massage that was amazing and one of the best massages I had in a very long time. I think this place is very famous for its massages. After this, we spent a day in a villa. These villas are specially prepared for families or large groups so they can rent them and stay there. We were just relaxing and had a beautiful dinner. This whole experience was so beautiful and incredible that I have no words.

Thank you so much Ritz Carlton Bahrein for organizing everything and for making it such an unforgettable experience and this was a great way to introduce us to the new country and its friendly people. It is such a great place that I will always remember.

I wore:

Bag – Fendi

Top – Isabel Marant

Hat – Gucci

Glasses – MaxMara



I wore:

Heidi Klein swimwear


I wore:

Skirt – Pretty little thing


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