London FW City Guide

After NYC its time for London fashion week! And about time for me to write you some recommendations and places to go in my city.

Even tho I consider London my home, I like to spoil myself from time to time and stay at the hotels, especially during the fashion month! I think it is just easier to get organized and prepared for everything, when you have complete hotel service and perfect location. To be honest I haven’t stayed in that many hotels yet in London, but this time I tried the Lanesborough, and it is def my favorite from now on!! Not just saying as it was my last, but really mean it! Already arriving makes you feel so welcome and warm, with friendly stuff and gorgeous entrance that welcomes you with a huge bouquet of breathtaking flowers! Def a must see! Now let me tell you a bit about my trip and experience.




After a crazy journey with connection and long flight from NYC I finally arrived to the hotel, and nothing felt better as ordering a huge room service breakfast! Thanks to the Lanesborough I really felt like a princess in my gorgeous little suite. After tasting almost the whole menu, I would say you should def try the smoked salmon, avocado toast, yogurt with granola and fruits. My favorites, especially when combined with a soya cappuccino 🙂






Staff was very friendly and I felt even more secure as there was a double security 24/7 for a  VIP person staying on my floor.  During the entire time.. Or maybe it was for me!? hehe

Never the less it was wonderful and extremely convenient as the hotel has one of the best locations ever! In the middle of Knightsbridge and Mayfair – Hyde Park corner, which is really the place you want to be. Walking distance to most of the nice places and right next to the Hyde Park. Also great for me to go around during the fw and run to the shows and restaurants with events.




The fashion week went by really fast and I had a chance to see a couple of bigger shows (Topshop, Mulberry, Burrberry) and as well visit my favorite bars and restaurants. It’s not fun if you don’t go out at least a little bit, especially during FW is the right time to do it 🙂

One of my favorite spots in Lodnon, not just during fw, but in general is Chiltern Firehouse. Normally a restaurant bar and a hotel, but def one of my fav places for an afternoon drink at the garden or evening cocktails by the fireplace. So cool, cosy and warm. My home away from home. But here is a little warning – in case you are trying to get in, it is quite hard to get a reservation if you don’t know the people, so i would recommend planning ahead!



Another few great restaurants in town would be: The Good Life ( breakfast and healthy snack), Scotts, George ( Seafood), Zuma, Roka, Novikov (Japanese), Cirpiani, Asunta Madre (Italian), Amaya (Indian), Sketch, Cut, Arts Club, Annabels, Loulous.. And for all of you who like to stay out late and get a middle of the night snack we have the famous Maroush which is one of my fav Lebanesse places.

Also for all of you visiting London for the first time or so on I would highly recommend to visit Nothing Hill and walk around the famous colorful streets. Especially during the weekends is nice, when they prepare their whole little festivals and offer lots of street food.

At the same time if you are touristing in Lodnon for the first time there is many well known sightseeing spots you have to go and see. Big Ben, London Eye and so on.. I believe we all know them, so i focused on writing other things here 🙂

Another think you should not forget to do in London is go shopping. There is many great places and unique pieces to find when exploring small streets of Nothing Hill. You have the famous Bond Street and Sloane Street for pricier brands, or Oxford/Regent Street, High street Kensigton and Kings Road for more affordable mixed priced brands. You can surely find a lot of unique pieces and something for everyone.




Now lets go back to my hectic schedule. After crazy days of fashion week and running around shows and bars, nothing feels better as coming home to a comfy and amazing suite at the Lanesborugh! I truly feel like a princes, especially in such  spacious and beautiful room! Very much recommend, and even if you don’t stay there, at least pass by and try their amazing tea time in the afternoon or cocktails at the library bar, very peaceful and discrete with a sound of piano. Was one of my favorite relaxing moments when in between shows and dinner. Highly recommend!! Oh and by the way they even offer a gluten free selection for the afternoon tea..Priceless!! 🙂









Now time to head to Milano!

Baci, xxx






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