London – Autumn 2016

Traveling with style has a whole new meaning when you are in the UK. It’s one of the world’s fashion hubs hosting some of the industry’s mammoth events such as the London Fashion Week, as well as producing globally recognised brands ranging from classics like Burberry and Dorothy Perkins to more recent ones like J.W. Anderson and the late Alexander McQueen.

Being a fashionista on the go, however, doesn’t necessarily mean you need to pack huge suitcases full of clothes and accessories, taking them everywhere with you so that you’re always ready to change for any occasion. You just have to know the latest and upcoming trends to be equipped with a good line-up of outfits. And given that autumn is just around the corner, here are the top trends to help you get ready to turn any street or hall into a runway.

Vogue UK has rounded up their list of Autumn/Winter 2016-17 trends from London Fashion Week, beginning with ruffles & frills. J.W. Anderson even put them in handbags, as these are some of the most in-demand accessories in the UK, with 51% of all British ladies purchasing at least one during 2015 according to London fashion week statistics compiled by the Mintel Group.


Capes are also hip this coming autumn. For social gatherings and even parties, strutting around in cocktail attire is the way to really make a statement.


Last in this section are the most unexpected bombers in LFW – oversized coats, and in this case, bigger is better. Some coats were even military-influenced in style, while others stuck with the vintage and classic look.

Shades & Tones

Pantone has already released a Fashion Colour Report for autumn 2016 with a theme inspired by tranquility, optimism, and strength.

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First is Riverside, a shade of blue described as bordering on exciting, while maintaining constancy. Specified in their colour system as Pantone 17-4028, this blue isn’t as dark as navy, but still not as bright as cobalt. Also from the same family, Airy Blue (14-4122) is seen to embody serenity. It’s a fresh and cool tone used by designers to somehow symbolise the need for weightlessness in today’s conflict-heavy world.

There are two neutrals on the list, the first of which is Sharkskin (17-3914) that was described to showcase practicality. This grey shade is easy to combine with any other autumn colour due to its neutral tone. The other one is Warm Taupe (16-1318), which was derived from brown and was stated as timeless, organic and grounded.

In terms of organic, there are two other organic colours on the list, namely Lush Meadow (18-5845) which is a rich and elegant green tone, and Potter’s Clay (18-1340) which has elements of russet orange.

More subtle hues are Dusty Cedar (18-1630), which is a rose-toned pink described as warm and welcoming, and Bodacious (17-3240), a new unexpected colour in fall that hails from purple, but leaning more towards pink.

Bright colours close the list, particularly Aurora Red (18-1550), which is bold and dynamic, and Spicy Mustard (14-0952), another unexpected tone, which is an exotic addition, described as spicy and zesty yellow that gives off uplifting vibrancy.


Fabric & Adornments

Velvet is one of the top picks for autumn, no matter if it comes in short or floor-length dresses, suits, or pants. The fabric is amazing in almost every way, modelled last LFW, from laid-back casual to office wear to special events.


Denim has also been a key player on the runway for many autumn collections as reported by Vogue, with designers incorporating the fabric on parkas, dusters, dresses, and even suits, not to mention timeless denim jackets.

When it comes to the icing on the cake, feathers and sequins were the most used adornments for autumn line-ups this year.

Now after all of the information above, it would be silly to conclude this article without talking about the best places to shop in London. If travelling to London, you may want to check out the city’s premier fashion shops that have been highlighted by The Telegraph. There’s Mount and Bruton Street, Clarendon Cross, Oxford Street and Brick Lane, among others.

Those are just a few of the seemingly endless rows of boutiques scattered all across the centre of London. In fact, the nation is so teeming with class & style that you may even begin hunting for your next outfit upon entering the country. In the UK’s busiest airport, London Heathrow, there are already more than 40 clothing and accessories stores available for the fashion-hungry traveller.


When you finish your shopping day though, you might find yourself thinking about how to carry all those goodies around. Luckily, convenience is not far out of reach since there are affordable car rental choices in the city for every kind of traveller. Parking shouldn’t be a concern either, since most hotels and airports in the UK offer a diverse array of solutions for travelers, with Parking4Less detailing all the common options available. Typically, there’s even Valet Chauffeur services if you want to add a little extra class and pizzaz to your arrival and departure.


Armed with the upcoming trends for next season, you can make a walk in the park synonymous with a walk on the runway as you go on tour or business, in one of the fashion hotspots of the world.

Are you ready to be a fashionista on the go in the UK?

Hope the tips and upcoming trends helped you a bit and happy shopping!!

xxx, MM





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