Les Petits Joueurs grand opening in Florence

Ciao a Tutti!!

Right after London FW and just before Milan, I did a short trip to amazing Florence, where the trendy and super cool handbag  brand Les Petits Joueurs opened the door to their first official boutique. I already wrote about the brand, and for sure you were able to see the bags everywhere around the street style shoots, as well as in most of the good departments stores.

I was really honored and happy to be invited to join the incredible celebration. Everything was organized until the very last drop, and I actually felt like a princess, or even Alice in Wonderland. They brought carriages to take us around the city with the horses. And like that is not enough already, everything was full of gorgeous colorful balloons. The whole bags are WOW and thats also a nice description of the whole event in general.

The final opening was at 8pm, and I was honestly quite proud to be able to attend and see the shop already few hours before. As there was few hundrets people waiting in front. I believe whole Florence came to see the spectacle. ­čÖé┬áBefore the opening they also organized make up and hair, to make the attendees even more beautiful!

And then was of course the grand finale! Dinner at the Uffizi Gallery!! It was like a dream! A really amazing selection of fashion people, from different designers, editors, photographers and bloggers like me. But very selective, so really thank you LPJ for having me there! I this my biggest pleasure to be one of the LPJ girls!

Once the dreamy dinner finished and we thought its over, they invited us to a private tour of Uffizi gallery! Imagine walking around the most incredible art that exists in the world, looking at Botticelli and Michellangelo in the middle of the night, with nobody around you except for a few dear friends! Priceless!!

Def a dream trip to remember, and one more time congratulations Les Petits Joueurs and the talented designer Mariasole on the first official boutique! I know its many more to come!

You can see the experience in the pictures, and see I am not exaggerating!!

And if you are wandering around Italy, you NEED to stop in Florence and discover this beautiful charming small town! It is one of my favorites and definitely most beautiful cities, with amazing architecture and art. Not to talk about all the nice and talented people who are coming from this region.. Go Italy!!

Love, MM xxx












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