Latitude Festival & Naked Juice


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Time to keep you posted on my movements and what is happening at the moment. I am constantly traveling (as always), but this weekend I was one of the lucky ones invited to the Latitude festival, as you might have seen on my Instagram and Snapchat (@majamalnar).

It was a very different festival compared to the ones I am used to, but at the same time very amazing, exciting and an unforgettable experience.

I was really excited when we hit the road, as didn’t even know what to expect. I decided to just do it, and see what happens go with the flow and trusting the universe as always.

The journey from London was quite long (1.5h train and 1h bus), but I was really happy when I finally reached my destination. The festival was spread out around the big fields near Diss, and had some of the most amazing activities for families, kids and grown ups. There were tents like Literature, Poetry, Comedy, Cinema… and as well positive workshops like creating Utopia, Quotes… Of course there was bunch of food, snack and coffee places, offering all sorts of things, while probably my favorite hangout spot was the hidden Naked Woodland hideaway.

At Naked juices they prepared the wall with the motto Get Naked And Colour, and obviously shared all of their amazing and tasty juices and smoothies. I couldn’t imagine a better and more refreshing drink during this hot weekend and as you know I am a big fan of fruits and veggies so that was the most suitable and perfect drink they could offer me. So yummy!! It was actually quite funny that every time I entered the tent I heard the lovely hostesses saying – we ran out of product. I guess everyone thought the same as me…

I found the Naked tent extremely fun as well as all the tasty beverages they also gave us the option to create, and freedom to express ourselves with color. They invited everyone attending to unleash their creativity in Naked’s world of fruit, colour and self-expression. The wall, which was initially black and white, was so amazing and fun at the end of the festival. It was interesting to see how everyone expressed their individuality in fun and sociable way. My fav part to color was a little frog, see if you can spot it in the picture.

When I finally got a lot of colouring and was completely refreshed with Naked I went for a few final laps around the festival and listened to couple of amazing performances. Definitely a festival I will be happy to return to every year! It left a really amazing impression on me. I found it a very positive, a kind of spiritual experience.

See more in the pictures attached and I highly recommend you to go visit next year! And don’t forget about the fun Naked activities and yummy smoothies.. the best refreshment for hot days!
Lots of love and keep hydrated in this heat,

xxx, MM










IMG_4152Naked Woodland hideaway


When the wall was still black and white 🙂





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