Lady Gorgeous by ESJ – Organic Skincare

As you probably realized I am a big fan of everything organic, animal friendly and healthy. And I love the feeling of healthy, smooth skin. That is why I can not hide the excitement of the new skin care products that I recently discovered.

ESJ or Emmanuel Sam Joseph is a luxurious natural skin care, which is designed to work with your skin’s innate biochemistry and makeup, to hydrate and replenish; leaving your skin softer, healthier and more radiant. All the superior nutrition rich ingredients are carefully sourced from sustainable and certified organic practices. Apart from that all ESJ products are Vegan Friendly; meaning they are free from animal by-products and testing. Definitely brought my attention!!

Their fundamental belief and experience in delivering the most effective skincare – to formulate products that work in harmony with your natural biochemistry. And I can confirm they are doing a great job!

Apart from being healthy and extremely good for the skin, the package come in the set of cleanser and moisturizer, both in the most adorable bottles I have seen. You can see it for yourself 🙂



The products are made out of key Australian native extracts:

KAKADU PLUM – One of world’s highest natural sources of Vitamin C. Packed full of essential antioxidants, it supports cell renewal to keep your skin youthful and supple.


QUANDONG – Is known for its excellent repair and healing effects on the skin. It contains powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that reduce free radicals and support healthy collagen and elastin function.


Definitely worth to give it a try!!

xx, MM


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