Lace vs. Jeans

Good morning beautiful people! Today I’m feeling especially cheerful and happy and wanted to share some of my positive energy with you. Its still quite chilly in London, I honestly can’t wait to wear all the beautiful dresses I got for the summer, but for now Im sticking to my favorite jeans. My mom asked me if I don’t have money to buy a new one, that they are falling apart.. Hehe if you give me whole one, I will still prefer this one 🙂



Maja PIK_1109

Maja PIK_1117


I wore them together with my white lace top to add some summer vibes, white blazer and Nike sneakers. Everything else is Zara. While the bag as you can see its YSL



Maja142 Maja134

Illesteva Sunglasses

Maja PIK_1136

Here is an example of how you can quickly change your look and get yourself ready for the evening 🙂

Maja PIK_1158

Maja PIK_1195

Maja PIK_1223

Maja PIK_1111

While I was trying to create the best pictures for you I also matched it with another combo, Chanel boy bag and Jill Sander shoes. Also to give you an example of how easy it is to match a good pair of jeans and white top, with almost anything 🙂

Here is another example..







Have a beautiful day everyone!! 🙂



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