Jewish proverb

The man who gives little with a smile gives more than the man who gives much with a frown.

This Jewish proverb i recently discovered is definitely becoming one of my favorite. I truly believe that a smile is a nice way to show to the people you are open to talk to them, as well as a nice way to just greet someone and make their day brighter. The proverb (like most others) can be seen in many ways. Even if we don’t give much to a stranger, just a meaningful smile passing by is gonna make a huge impact. Why not making people lives better at least a tiny bit!?

Smiling more isn’t about being fake or superficial. It’s about communicating to those around you that you are available for conversation and general interaction with the world. Imagine people you know in the workplace – maybe even yourself – who don’t make an effort to smile at others. The message being sent is the opposite of what most of us would want – that we are not open and available for conversation, interaction, or collaboration with others. What message do you want to send? And as well don’t forget to be honest. If someone gives you the nicest gift and make a frown with it, how are you gonna look at it!? Of course it will not seem honest and real..

Have a beautiful weekend and don’t forget to smile! XX, MM


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