Its all about the hair

One of the things everyone constantly compliments me are my hair.

And to be honest I dont really take much care of them.. I almost never go to the hair dresser, I have my natural color, I just use the supplements from time to time, and try to take good ‘natural’ care of then. Without using too many products

Saying this I have to conclude that I am getting back to the good old saying less is more when it comes to the hair products. I realized that my hair started being the healthiest when I stopped coloring them, and just trimmed the ends from time to time. As well I feel like they are the nicest when I use less products, just a bit of Shampoo and the Conditioner over the ends. And finish up with the oil for the split ends. From time to time I would recommend a hair mask if your ends are a bit split. And thats it. As well try to use hairdryer, curler and straightener as little as possible. The curler is my weakness and of course hairdryer. But I do notice incredible difference whenever I let my hair dry naturally and dont really use any of the devices on them. They feel as soft as the cotton pads 🙂

Regarding the growing and the length of my hair, a very important factor which helped them started growing faster was stopping coloring (now my color is completely natural). At the same time it is very important to keep on trimming the ends as said earlier. My sister was testing a funny saying she once heard, and her hair began growing – i am not kidding – until her boot! While she had shorter then me a few months ago. So I panicked when I last saw her back home, and forced her to tell me her secret.
She started cutting them every time there would be a full moon in Leo. Yes I know it sounds a bit insane, even I started laughing when she first told me. But I am honestly not kidding, she is my proof, so I started doing the same thing and lets see what happens.
Next time the full moon in Leo will be July 6, so make sure to cut the hair on that day if you are planning to try the thing with me 🙂

Finally the last thing worth mentioning would be a few supplements and vitamins I take occasionally for healthy hair, skin and nails. Almost every day I take some Biotin, and from time to time I do a cure with Hyaluronic Acid, Silica and Collagen. They improve the overall look of your hair, help them become stronger and thicker.

Good luck with the cure and hope my tips helped a bit!
And remember whenever it comes to styling and arranging your hair – less is more!

Lots of love,
MM xxx


















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