Hot Yoga @ Triyoga

I wrote about yoga in general, but lately I’ve been having a bit different addiction. It is called Hot Yoga.

Hot yoga is universally recognised as an excellent way to sweat out toxins from your body while performing the mandatory stretches and poses associated with yoga.

It is not gonna make you feel better, as well as it has many benefits:

  • sweat out toxins, such as carbon dioxide and lactic acid, whilst increasing your metabolism and heart rate for a better cardiovascular workout and improved blood circulation.
  • stretch your muscles’ capabilities safely. The heat from the practise and infrared heaters along with the postures serve to build strength and increase flexibility. Each pose is safely held for up to a minute promoting balance, endurance and focus – physically and mentally.
  • align your body with this safe, alignment based practice, which systematically works your entire body in the best way for you, promoting joint safety and overall well-being.
  • transform your mind and body. As you detoxify and balance the body you create more space for refreshed energy and transformation.


There are many places where you can go and practice it, but my favorite would be Triyoga (in London). They are a great concept that offers many different classes at almost every hour of the day. From the beginners to very advanced, with all various techniques. And incredible teachers. As well the atmosphere in the place is so inspiring, makes me want to just hang over there.. Offering also some organic vegan snacks every day and the healthy juices.

Look at the schedule of their class and book your class or a workshop on their website:

Their principle was to honour the tradition of yoga and create the sense that you were entering a sacred space. And they managed.

Namaste, xx



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