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I have a very strong relationship with my hair. Like.. I am really attached to them 🙂 And I really want to make them even more heathy and beautiful, grow fast, and always style them nice.

My color is natural so I don’t have a problem with searching the perfect color, but I did have a problem searching the best hear straightener and curling iron. Until I found out this product that I absolutely love! So for all of you asking about my hair.. Hot Tools is the secret!

They are nationally recognized and provide great technology, quality and very unique and stylish design. I love the rainbow Gold curling irons with sleek multicolored gold styling barrels and all the gold pleated products.
hot-tools-professional-rainbow-gold-curling-iron-350x35011021The complete line of irons is available in various sizes, for all styling options. So you can def find the right for you. They also heat up incredible fast, so you won’t need to wait for it to heat up. You can just start using it already after a minute 🙂 They also include variable heat settings, rheostat control dial for all hair types.


Hope you will like them as much as I do and enjoy using them. All their products are amazing. And most obviously, hope you get the desired effect like I did! You can get your own product at:

Hair never the less are a very important factor 🙂

Lots of love,

MM xx

hot-tools-nano-ceramic-wax-core-professional-20-piece-hairsetter-278x278 hot-tools-professional-curling-iron-pouch-cover-278x278 htg1855_47928 ht1110rb1 2265622 aht-044_1z

Here are few pictures – step by step – on how to use the products:

Cool-Tools-Step-by-Step copy

HowTo_XL_GOLD copy

HowtoCurl-Flat copy

DoItYourselfCurlingWand copy

Step-By-Step-NexGen-Curling-Iron2 copy

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