Holland & Cooper

It is time to introduce you to an incredible and timeless British luxury fashion brand, Holland and Cooper. Probably you’ve already heard about it, or seen it is some of department stores around London, including Harrods, Fenwicks and many others.

I got more familiar with the brand this winter, and have to say I am absolutely obsessed with their products. They are using very carefully selected fabrics, all made in Britain and only top quality materials which makes you feel really warm and cosy. Their beanies are the cutest ever with all the color combinations, as well as the ponchos that are just breathtaking. As well they are offering a whole (cutest ever) collection for children and dogs.

The latest addition to my closet is a really warm and cool Gold Label leather jacket which you will see in one of my posts coming up later this week! 🙂

Until then, here is the look book of their pieces and feel free to check them out! Including in store, as you should see how amazing and soft do they feel when you try it on!

Love and keep warm, MM xx


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