Hi Smile

I am obsessed with white teeth! Who is not!?! And unfortunatelly I love to drink coffee and especially tea, who are not best friends with the whiteness of the teeth.. ūüôĀ
Im assuming there is many of us dealing with the same problem, as many of you asked me about my secret.
Well here it is.. I tried many whitening kits, but honestly got really surprised by the latest one I discovered from Hi Smile.

I was intvited to try it, and really need to say I love the effect it did. The kit is very simple to use, you basically have to put the gel into the mouth guard and sit pretty. The mouth guard has a timer #win. I would recommend lying down its just easier to breath and swallow. (make sure you wash your teeth before) 

Once done, clean the mouth guard and rinse your mouth. Repeat for 6 days. Hi Smile is also peroxide free and will not damage your teeth!

I also was a bit naughty lady and continued with my cups of coffees and tea a day..
For better results its recommended no drinks/foods that will stain your teeth. I did use the teeth whitening pen in between meals and washing of my teeth to help out with my coffee addiction.

You can order your kit online, and the good thing is – they offer free Worldwide shipping.

Hope you will like it, and keep smiling!! As I always say – Use your smile to change the world, don’t let the world change your smile.. (They can only help to make it whiter :))

xx, MM



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