Heidi Klein in Porto Montenegro

Hi everyone!!!

About two weeks ago I was one of the lucky girls invited on a trip to Porto Montenegro by Heidi Klein. I have to admit that I felt a bit privileged, due to the fact that I speak the language and have been there already, but still could not hide the excitement of going there again. It’s been a while… And especially in such a great company, wearing pieces from the latest Heidi Klein collection. Like all the cool kids 🙂 Really a perfect fit for the beach, as well as walking around little villages.

IMG_5404Wearing Heidi Klein linen dress, espadrilles, zip swimsuit, beach bag and a hat. All Heidi Klein and Shamballa Eyewear sunglasses



We spent 3 incredible days in Porto Montenegro, staying at Regent Porto Montenegro Hotel, where they treated us like princesses. In my opinion is really the best hotel out there, especially looking at the whole picture together. Location is perfect, right next to the beach, right next to the Lido bar with infinity pool, and right next to the little shopping promenade with all the shops and restaurants. And of course Heidi Klein store 🙂

The hotel itself is really beautifully designed, very chic and stylish, and also offering many shooting locations. Very important factor when I look at it from the bloggers perspective 🙂 Apart from everything, my favorite part was breakfast which offers a huge buffet – a variety of fresh and very yummy food!! And of course the spa. Just like a dream.




IMG_6958Wearing Heidi Klein bikini and Shamballa Eyewear sunglasses

IMG_6895Wearing Mara & Mine slip ons

IMG_6884Wearing Heidi Klein Mykonos bikini and The Jet Set Diaries romper


Our itinerary was really fun and chill, like you were able to see on my Instagram (@majamalnar) and my snapchat: majamalnar. We did a very robinson style trip to an empty beach, where they prepared special snacks for us. By special I mean kind of weird, like sea truffles and sea caviar or however they call it 🙂


IMG_3904Wearing Heidi Klein blue beach dress, espadrilles and Taylor Morris sunglasses





The next day we went to visit the old town Kotor, which was another great experience. Especially for me, as I used to live in Serbia and was born in Slovenia, it felt like getting back to the roots a little bit. Little old streets inside of the fortress, and all the green land around us. Some of the girls were saying it looks like Game of Thrones 😀

IMG_6978Wearing Band of Gypsies top, Urban Outfitters skirt, and Heidi Klein accessories




IMG_6452Heidi Klein head till toe 🙂 Fav linen dress


IMG_6456Obsessed with this zip bikini




The weather was perfect, a little bit cloudy but great to take the most amazing pictures with the beautiful landscape. When we came back into the city, we did my favorite part of the trip – shopping. We all got some amazing new Heidi Klein pieces, and I am absolutely obsessed with my picks. I got myself a new sexy swimsuit with the zipper, classic and always useful basic white linen dress (absolute fav!), blue tunic to match my eyes, comfy espadrilles and a beach bag. And I am ready for the summer ! 🙂

Which one would be your favorite pick!?! Lower down you have a look book where you can get some ideas of summer looks, as well as you can buy it directly by clicking the link.


The whole trip was a lot of fun and good vibes, great company, amazing fashion (Heidi Klein), tasty food and of course a great service of everyone taking care of us. All the stuff was incredible friendly and treated us so well, I can not wait to go back there again!! Thank you for all the hospitality and being there for all my needs 🙂 And of course biggest thank you to Heidi Klein for putting it all together, organizing it and spoiling us with gifts and treats! <3

Lots of love, MM xx


Hvala Regent Portomontenegro na ljubaznosti i hospitalitiju. Takodje specijalna zahvala svim momcima koji su bili tako divni i me slikali za Instagram na svakom cosku i spremali moje kafice sa sojinim mlekom svako jutro :))

Vec jedva cekam da se vratim i ovaj put i malo izadjem do Budve 😀


IMG_4055Wearing Storets top, Hudson Jeans, Mara and Mine slip ons, Taylor Morris sunglasses




IMG_5934Dinner with the girls! Wearing Storets top, Moussy Jeans, Raye shoes and Bulgari bag



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