Heart vs Mind

Once again I feel like I at the weird stage of my life.

A new chapter, new decisions, fresh start. I left my heart in pieces all the way back in LA. Can I put it back to a whole if I go back!? So many thoughts going on through my head, and I wish it would be easier to take decisions and figure out what is best for us. I believe that everything will be the way it is meant to be at the end. Like they say – if its not ok, is not the end. And I guess that means I will take the right decision.

Sometimes if we have to many choices life seems so much more complicated, even tho it is actually extremely beautiful. Imagine being able to be wherever you want to right now, where would you be!?!
Should one focus on the goals and work, or should one focus on love and figure out what is really there!? Really hard choice to make, when your mind and reason is telling you one thing, while heart is telling you the other. Who would you listen!?!? Is it true that the heart always knows what the mind doesn’t want to accept!?!?

A bit for me, a bit for you (if you are dealing with similar problems) sharing some quote pictures and quotes about the heart, mind, decisions and similar.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend,
xxx, MM

sometimes-your-heart-needs-more-time-to-accept-what-your-mind-already-knows-quote-2 decision-heart-mind-quote-text-Favim.com-287585 favim-com-brain-cartoon-heart-heart-and-brain-heart-broke-327443 da3778b76c83d1725e958e86ebdb2be9
black-and-white-brain-heart-illustration-love-Favim.com-287586sometimes-the-heart-should-follow-the-mind-sometimes-the-heart-should-tell-the-mind-to-stay-home-quote-1 changes-quotes-8



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