“Do an act of kindness. Help one person smile!”

Today it is the international Smile day, so I decided to share with you  7 reasons to smile today (and help someone else smile too)….



1. Smiling increases positive emotions – more happiness and joy, means more creativity and productivity too!

2. Smiling reduces anxiety and stress – smiling and laughing can actually allow pain and stress to melt away.

3. Smiling releases endophins – even faking a smile can trigger your brain to release these happy chemicals!

4. Smiling boosts your immune system – smiling raises white blood cell count which can help fight off illness.

5. Smiling makes you more attractive – a smile is contagious and holds lots of positive energy meaning you’re more fun to be around 🙂

6. Smiling makes you a better leader – smiling is known to connect you with your team or group and is known as a characteristic of a good leader.

7. Smiling helps you live longer – positive and optimistic people are healthier and live 7 years longer!

2000px-oxygen480-emotes-face-smile-big-svgSo if you needed another excuse to smile…. you just got 7!

What will your act of kindness be today to help somebody else smile?


xxx, MM


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