Happy Thanksgiving

No matter if you are celebrating today or not it is a good day to think and ask yourself – what are you grateful for !?!

There are few moments and days like this, when we actuarially think about this kind of things, even tho we should keep it in our heads through the whole year. I often remind myself about so many blessings and remember to be grateful. Almost every single day. As there is really a lot of things to be grateful for.

The most important ones are the ones we take for granted – Our family and friends that are always there for us, and actually many key moments and meeting certain people that change your life and turn it upside down. Who could ever thought how much influence can meeting certain people have in your life.. I am so grateful to got to know you and have you in my life, saying out to all of you who influenced my life so much, probably without even knowing.

To continue where I left, we should be thankful for our health, the food we have at our disposal every day, the ability to afford ourself certain things and have a chance to travel, the place we live in… Might sound crazy but even accessibility to internet nowadays, it is making many things more simple and can teach us a lot if you use it in the right way.

Things that are in front of our eyes and we don’t even realize and appreciate it enough.

Most of the people is constantly complaining about so many things they want and cant have, instead of appreciating life and whatever they have at their disposal. Look around yourself, look at the world we leave in. Don’t look at your more successful neighbor and be upset because you don’t have whatever he does. Be grateful for what you do.

I am in Peru at the moment, in a small village where people live underneath wooden sticks. They probably don’t even know what exist out there and are happy.

Appreciate the place you live in, appreciate the simplicity of certain things and be grateful for your health as well. Imagine only breaking your arm, your whole life would be slowed down and way more difficult until you get it healed back.

And about everything else you want and don’t have. When you don’t force and crave it, everything will come by itself. As long as you are being mindful and grateful about life in general.

I am still waiting for my main thing – to find the right partner and be madly in love, but I am grateful for so many other things in this beautiful life. I know it will arrive when its time. I feel the universe is working on it.. xx

Love you, MM

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