Happy New Year

Its the time of the year again.. Time when you have time to focus on new goal and new projects. Fresh start and a new chapter.
I see it kind of very motivating and exciting if you look at it from this side. Holiday season is behind us, and I hope you celebrated it with your loved ones – just like I did in Paris in the circle of my close friends  Tatjana and Marta.
At the same time as leaving the holidays behind, I am leaving many other things in the past. Starting the year completely fresh, without any bad energies or negative thoughts and people that are bringing you down.

In the last few months of 2015 many things happened in my life that were key moments to be at the place as I am right now. I met a few special people that turned my life upside down. In a positive way.
So I am really happy to leave bed energies behind and continue in the rhythm I finished 2015.

Saying this I would like to wish you all and only the best in the New Year!
Let the year 2016 makes all your wishes come true, helps accomplish your goals, and steady your growth.
Remember to trust the Universe and use your energy to create. Whatever is meant to be will happen, as long as you are positive, work on it, and believe in it.

Happy New Year!!
Hugs & Love, MM


IMG_6953For the big night I was wearing a dress from the Jet Set Diaries, jacket Balmain HM, shoes Lanvin and bag Celine.


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