As I am spending this days with few of my girlfriends together I decided to write a post about friends.

Isn’t it incredible how we all meet for a reason and have certain people we meet in our way, that really leave a mark. And make a difference in our life.

I truly believe we all cross our paths for a certain purpose, whether it be to learn something, to experience something or to give something to another person.
We have significant people around ourselves that constantly change regarding the period and stage that you are at in your life.
Recently I became a really good friend with my 3 blogger friends, and it is really remarkable how it all happened.
After randomly crossing our paths in LA last August we ended up spending 24/7 of our time together, without even realizing. Living through everything together, traveling together, working together..

I am truly blessed and happy¬†for all of my friends, the ones around me now, the ones that used to be (and still are in my heart – just don’t see them that often), and the ones that are yet to come.

Be grateful for your friends and love and help each other. Give the best you can, without wanting anything in return. This is why friends are here for.
Even tho we sometimes all have our bad and moody days, learn to understand that.
Join forces! At the end we rise by lifting others!

I love you all!! xx, MM

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