I am simply speechless! Wherever I turn, I cant stop admiring the nature around me, culture, art, fashion, food… You have to love Italy!

I got to Florence with a reason to visit the fashion event and join my friend Maria Sole. At the most amazing venue at Villa San Michele. Not to mention that earlier this afternoon I stopped at Il Salviatino, and I just cant hide my excitement. With scenic views, fine dining and spectacular history on offer, the readers of Condé Nast Traveler named the Il Salviatino the best hotel in Europe. So I would say I am not exaggerating..
Every place, every venue is more stunning then the one before. For the first time I experienced the feeling when you really connect with the nature, observe and breath with it. When I looked at the trees and saw them dancing with the wind. Incredible feeling.

During my stay we went to visit museum Uffizi Gallery, which is a pure treasure of art pieces. Everyhing from Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Botticelli… You should put it on top of your list for the sightseeing of Florence. And obviously Duomo, the bridge, … One of interesting places (for all fashion lovers) is also the first silk factory from the creator Steffanno Ricci. Interesting fact is that even nowadays they are still using all the original equipment and machinery. Including a special machine designed by Leonardo Da Vinci.

Another thing that I could almost call a turistic spot for all the fashion lovers is Luisa Via Roma, that offers all the best italian pieces, as well as international brands. If you have some more time you should definitely  go check out the outlets, that are just a bit out of the city. There you can find everything from Gucci, Prada and most of the biggest name brands at incredible low prices.

Huh from explaining so much I almost forgot about the most important thing – the best thing – Food in Florence!! I think I gained at least a few kilos even in this short time. I haven’t had pasta in few years, but when I tried it here…I finished two plates 🙂 Italians really know how to do it. Pizza, pasta, gelato, mozzarella…oh oh, i better escape 🙂

One of the most incredible places with restaurant, wine cellar and the whole tasting experience is a short drive away, called Rinuccio in Val Di Pesca. The nature is stunning, grape fields everywhere, while the food is melting in your mouth. I would highly recommend to stop by La Menagere, a brand new cool place with a concept store, or even check out the famous Mercado, where you can select your own food from different places, kind of like the spanish tapas. And of course the classic good restaurants as Cibreo, Pinchiorri etc. More about all the places in My Picks 🙂

Buon Apettito!
Baci, Maja xx



To do in Florence:
Visit Duomo
Steffano Ricci silk factory
Uffizi Gallery
Cross the famous bridge
Check out the outlet stores
Go to the wine tasting
Giardino Bardini
Il Salviatino
Check Piazzale Michelangelo
Get a drink in Boho Piazza – Piazza di Santo Spirito – home to Florence’s hippest, liveliest bars and cafes

Enoteca Pinchiorri
Grom (ice cream)
Renaissance Palazzo della Gherardesca
Il Santo Bevitore

Villa San Michele
Il Salviatino
Villa Machiavelli
4 Seasons
Villa Medici



Villa San MichelleIMG_8259



Il SalviatinoIMG_8077










Amazing venue at Rinuccio





Stefano Ricci silk factory






Dont forget to rub the nose of a lucky pig 🙂


IMG_8800Tapas at the Mercado


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