Favorite fashion week travel companions

Home sweet home!! After a crazy month of traveling noting feels so good as finally coming back to normal life and slow down, unpack my bags and get some sleep!

Its been a really crazy journey ->  Nyc, London, Florence, Milan, Paris. And finally back to London.

While arriving back home I wanted to share with you one of my most common looks while traveling. The only thing that i care in that moments is to be comfortable. So I always travel in leggings or sweatpants, in this case even super comfy leather leggings. And sneakers of course, trying to be as comfy as possible. And top it up with a huge bag to fit everything and warm & stylish cardigan.

Another thing that completely changed my whole travel experience is my suitcases and travel bags. As I always need everything ( and more ) with me, I always fill my bags until the last empty spot, which always makes it so heavy it almost weights more then me. Any normal bag I used before was so heavy, and even harder to drive as I needed to use my force. But since I tried Rimowa suitcases I can’t use anything else. Apart from being incredibly stylish, I am not kidding – the bag is driving herself alone. I dont even need to push or press anything. Must try, makes the road super fun!! :)))

Anyway time to unpack my bags and get some sleep! Hope you like my casual travel look and happy weekend everyone!!

xxx, MM







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