What is the meaning of family!? By definition is supposed to be a group consisting of two parents and their children living together as a unit. Or if we look at it from the more broad specter all the descendants of a common ancestor.

As I had my mom visiting me for the last couple of days, I started thinking more about parents and the family in general. I am really grateful and blessed to have a family that loves me, but I know it is not always like that. Some people are in very bad relations, and it kind of hurts me hearing/seeing that. At least with the family we should all try to get along and love each other. At the end we share the same blood. While thinking about everything in general I noticed something special I never connected before.. I would say its the meaning of family. Maybe it makes you wonder a bit – FAMILY -> Mother And Father I Love You

Sharing my love, and don’t forget to forgive,


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